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RustBuster Refurbishing Spray
RustBuster Refurbishing Spray
RustBuster Refurbishing Spray

RustBuster Refurbishing Spray

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Save yourself from going to repair shops just to fix something that you now, can!

Say Goodbye to rusty wheels, knobs, faucet & metal parts with RustBuster Refurbishing Spray.

  • POWERFUL- Removes atomization, oxidation, decontamination, rust, corrosion & fine particles from a metal surface. Brightens and polishes the surface as well. A gentle-spray can make the plated parts bright as new.

  • STRONG yet GENTLE-It comes with ultra-effective non-toxic cleaning formula and Heavy Duty Rust & Corrosion Agent for the top quality cleaning solution. It does not contain abrasives and will not cause wear and tear on the surface of the object.

  • ALL AROUND BUDDY-It’s designed to be versatile therefore can be used in the kitchen and car maintenance, chrome-plated materials such as doorknobs, car logos, window strips, stainless steel appliances and many more!

  • EASY APPLICATION- Watch rust dissolve before your very eyes! Just Spray, wait a little, and wipe. Voila! You’ll have the brand new looking chrome always!

If you’re the Jack of all Trades and looking for an easy and effective way to remove rust stains, add this to your collection and you won’t regret a thing! Get your own RustBuster Refurbishing Spray NOW!!


  • Material: Aerosol De-rusting Agent
  • Net Content: 120mL
  • Package Inclusions: 1pc RustBuster Refurbishing Spray