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Cat Hunt Toy
Cat Hunt Toy
Cat Hunt Toy
Cat Hunt Toy
Cat Hunt Toy
Cat Hunt Toy
Cat Hunt Toy

Cat Hunt Toy

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Cats are known for being lazy because they tend to sleep most of the time. Though it is natural for your cat to do these things, staying active is important for his long-term health and wellness. Cat Hunt Toy will do just that!

Now is the time for you to raise a well-trained, healthy cat with sharp hunting instincts and excellent mental alertness; you'll both love playing with the best device Cat Hunt Toy! Watch them roll about, or join in the fun to get closer to your feline friends.


  • SOLID MATERIAL: Non-toxic pinewood, polished smooth with removing the barb, won't hurt pets.
  • INTERACTIVE TOY: Excites natural instincts and curiosity, increase the emotion between the cat and the owner. The cat can keep a good shape while playing with this toy.
  • FUN ROUTINE: Help hone hunting skills for sharpened mental alertness in pets. This toy is a great way to help your cat get much needed daily exercise and excitement.


  • 3 Holes: 17.5cm*10cm*24cm/6.88"*3.93"*9.44"
  • 5 Holes: 17.5cm*10cm*35.5cm/6.88"*3.93"13.97"

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Cat Hunt Toy
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Danny C.
My cat's is a weirdo. He def. enjoys ...

My cat's is a weirdo. He def. enjoys it but not in the way you'd think. He likes to play with the characters from the inside.

Chris S.
Effective Cat Toy

This definitely captures the interest of my cat. I like that can be used passively by leaving smaller toys inside there during the day. My cat randomly stick her paws in and see what she can find and get excited if there is something. The toy on the stick is very cute and well made but as cat owners know, no matter how well made, cats can and will rip toys apart. That being said I’ve stuck on other cat toys to replace the damaged one and it works great. The box itself is well constructed and looks to be quite durable.

Sarah J.
One of the best cat toys

This is by far one of the best cat toys I have gotten for my cats. They absolutely love this. Kicking myself for not getting this sooner. It appears the box itself will last a long time. The petal part that covers the holes not so much. One of my cats already nipped and ate a part of one petal off on the first day. Looks easy enough to replace at some point.. I'm hoping the wand will hold up for a long time too, it appears that the mousey thing is their buddy, they love him. They want to play with the wand after their done with the whack a mouse. Easy to use as a puppet on a stick, they love it. Wish they made replacement wands as I know at some point the mousey buddy will be dead lol

Ada W.
Hilarious and appealing.

I have a sweet cuddly 12 year old cat who is extremely sedentary and not really super curious/crafty. Ok. . .she's not that smart: you cover up her food with something that she could easily push away, she will just sit there and look at you like - 'where'd my food go?' At first, this toy actually seemed to scare her - when I made the mouse emerge from one of the holes, she would back her upper body away in a startle response. She actually hissed at it, which cracked me up! But after I got her really stoned on catnip, she loved the toy and started batting at it from all angles, and even just loved the mouse on a stick apart from the box. It's a good 'new stimulus' for under-stimulated indoor kitties, and its appealing, well-made design would make it a good low-cost gift for cat lovers.

Lorijane M.
Great engaging toy

OK so my kitty was absolutely terrified of this at the beginning.