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Anti Lost Safety Wrist Link
Anti Lost Safety Wrist Link
Anti Lost Safety Wrist Link

Anti Lost Safety Wrist Link

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Keep Your Little Ones Close!

Always worried about your babies?
Worry no more! Our Anti Lost Safety Wrist Link for Kids is made to prevent children from getting lost when they go out, but do not prevent children from falling down and can’t be used as the walking training equipment. With breathable, comfortable and high-grade fabric that has a thin sponge pad that's user-friendly and does not irritate the skin.


  • KEEP THEM CLOSE - The wrist link gives toddlers independence but keeps them safe at the same time. It allows them to wander at some distance from you while still being attached to your hands, keeping them safe.
  • COMFORTABLE AND SECURE - The double tape for the kids' hands makes it not easy for them to take it off. The wrist link is both simple to attach and comfortable to wear for both adults and children.
  • FLEXIBLE - The wrist link is joined by a strong yet flexible PU cord that coils when you and your child are standing close while extending when they wander. It's great to keep your child safe when in crowded places.


  • Material: Plastic and Nylon
  • Length: About 150cm


  • 1 x Anti Lost Safety Wrist Link